Sue Element
(Lili/Original Soundtrack)

Where are you from?

Llandudno in North Wales.

Do you have much acting and/or production (stage or TV) experience? What was your acting debut, and how old were you?

My first outing on stage was when I was 5 and played a singing sheep. Regrettably I can still remember the song. The whole production was sabotaged though as I had sneaked out front beforehand and changed round the bars on the school Xylophone. The little boy playing it was so distressed at the cacophony he produced halfway through the production, he threw a complete wobbler and we had to curtail the performance!

Since then I have appeared several times on the West End Stage. Well it was a stage and it was near Trafalgar Square! Amateur dramatics – which I no longer do since I no longer work in London, but may take up again when I grow up. And I have sung on stage at various times. I was on Capital Radio once as a teenager, with Mike Smith, doing impressions – including The Bee Gees and Kermit the Frog. I was fearless then. I am now a bag of custard.

How did you get involved in Fluffy?

I was in Foiled (Laura). This was a great laugh and I wanted to do some more.

Why did you audition for the part of Lili?

Howell told me to! I was only going to audition for Rachel, because I saw her as a bit of a Rock tart and I fancied screaming up to the vampire lair on a Harley Davidson. But the auditions didn't quite go as expected! Very pleased to get a part though and think I have probably turned Lili into a bit of a tart anyway…

Is this your first film, or have you been involved in other films?

Only Foiled.

I hear that you may be involved in additional music for the Fluffy soundtrack? If so, any idea about what this music will be like?

It's different to what we usually do (multi-layered, symphonic, melodic stuff) - quite dark and grungy, with some dance influences as well - probably. Lyrically, much will be inspired by the film, so there'll be plenty to look out for, although I have a tendency towards subtle rather than overt referencing!

I understand you've been involved in a music industry for some time. Where did it all begin?

Although I played the piano as a child, wrote songs and always had ambitions towards music, I never really had the confidence until I gave up waiting for it to appear a few years back and formed Janison Edge, with [Vampire] Mike. I sing and he plays keyboards; we both write the music and I write the lyrics. At the same time we started a record company, Gargoyle Records, mainly for Janison Edge releases. We also have a recording studio (Gargoyle Studio), which is becoming increasingly popular to the extent that we sometimes have to queue to use it for our own stuff!

[Gargoyle Records will produce and release the Fluffy soundtrack album]

Apart from Fluffy, what are you up to musically at the moment? What styles of music are you mainly interested in? Who are your influences?

The next big thing will be working on the second Janison Edge album. We've got a few bits and pieces of music, but it's a long haul to the finished product.

In terms of styles of music, I prefer my music big! Lots going on, melodically and lyrically interesting. I like a lot of stuff around at the moment, but I'm more influenced by the complex and pompous stuff of the early 70s – early Genesis, Pink Floyd etc. and melodic vocal harmony stuff of bands like America and Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

How did you get involved in Fluffy - on the musical side of things?

Just thought it would be interesting, so volunteered!

Are you a Buffy fan?

Have seen a few episodes, but I wouldn't make a special point of watching it, no.

What have you gained from your involvement in Fluffy?

Very sticky teeth.

Do you have any claims to fame? (E.g. meeting famous people, appearances on TV / stage etc.)

I've met a few famous people, mostly politicians, including three Prime Ministers. (For that matter, have travelled with Michael Heseltine, been stuck in a lift with Nicholas Ridley and spilt milk over John Gummer).

I sing in a band called Janison Edge, so I've been on the radio as far afield as Chile, Poland, Canada, Lithuania and Derby. A Latvian radio poll voted me one place above Celine Dion in 1999 – but I think only 44 people voted in all!

I was also the youngest child of the model family in a Ford advertising campaign in the 70s. Legend has it my siblings and I were paid in Baked Beans.

Any hobbies / obsessions? (Things you enjoy doing)

Music. Writing. Stephen Fry. Stella Artois.

Any amusing acting / production cockups (faux pas) - things going wrong on stage etc.?

See question 2. I also have a habit of falling over on stage, which is rather a handicap and means that I tend to have to fight against a very strong inclination to stand still.

Favourite album(s)?

Far too many to mention! But if I could only take one album on a desert island, it would probably be Selling England by the Pound by Genesis in 1973.

Favourite record producer(s) + songwriter(s) + soundtrack composer(s) + singer(s) + band(s) + live act(s)?

See influences above. Peter Gabriel is probably my favourite singer.

Any bizarre talents?

See other answers!

I also have a talent with other people's feet, which some people consider bizarre, but I'm quite happy about it. (I'm a professional Reflexologist).

Any achievements you'd like to mention?

"The Services of Mary Goode" available from Gargoyle Records for a measly £12 UK and EU or £14 rest of world. Order from Do it now.

Any annoying habits? Are there any things that you say a lot?

"The Services of Mary Goode" available from Gargoyle Records for a measly £12 UK and EU or £14 rest of world. Order from Do it now.

Favourite films?

I can never think of any. Forrest Gump is probably up there. I tend to like whatever has impressed me most recently. In that category – Snatch was good.

Favourite director(s) + actor(s) + actress(es)?

Again tricky. Anthony Hopkins is always good value. Also Dustin Hoffman, Gary Oldman, Peter Sellers. Actresses - Jodie Foster and Maggie Smith.

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?

Don't really like the idea of meeting famous people, as the opportunity for conversation is inevitably limited! However, if there was such an opportunity - Stephen Fry (who I have met but…… the opportunity for conversation was inevitably limited).

Ideal dinner party – Stephen Fry, Peter Gabriel, Graham Norton, Peter Ustinov, Roy Hattersley, Peter Sellers and Viscount Swinley of Flaxley.

On second thoughts, too many Peters.

What's your favourite fluffy thing?

I love rabbits. But not in the biblical sense.