Saturday 10th February, 2001
- The Fluffy Auditions -

by Henry Burrows

For the first time on a Foiled Productions movie, we decided to hold auditions.  The main reason for this was that the roles had been advertised on various Buffy internet web sites and newsgroups, and had attracted a number of people interested in the same parts.  It would be quite a luxury having to choose between actors instead of spending weeks finding them!

One week before the auditions, on Sunday 4th February, I had a phone call from an old friend of mine, Rebecca Hachenberg, asking if I was making another movie soon.  Perfect timing!  I invited her along to the auditions, and she mentioned that a documentary crew was following her around, filming her auditioning.  This could be interesting...

The day of the auditions went very well, considering that it was the first time I'd ever done anything like this before.  We held them in the upstairs front room at the "House of Foiled" - the location where most of the movie Foiled was filmed.  The panel of auditioners consisted of myself, Lucinda and Sarah, with Howell doing a great job of moving auditionees around the house, between downstairs, the upstairs practise room, and our audition room.

We covered each role in turn, having people read a couple of key scenes from the script with us to get an idea of how they might play that character.  Then we asked a few questions about why they wanted to get involved, and if they'd mind helping out behind the scenes.  Finally, we gave each person a short "Who Wants To Be A Buffy Millionaire?" quiz, where the questions became harder as the imaginary cash prize got higher.  It was just a bit of fun, really, but certainly told us who the real Buffy fans were!

Throughout the evening we had Adam & Dan from Rapido TV wandering around, filming the proceedings for a show called "Talent".  They were mostly following Rebecca around, but took some time to grab interviews with other auditionees.  We also had to make an instant decision on what role Rebecca would get in the movie, so they could film us telling her!  The pressure...

The rest of the roles were cast the following morning, after we'd had time to think about it and compare notes on each person.  Overall they were tough decisions, but we're very happy with the cast we've ended up with.

Louise Anne Bateman Paul Andrade
Kat Whitaker Peter Kidson